Weekly podcast talking Gamescom and Immortality.

Our Chris is back from Gamescom and he’s pooped, yet despite that, it sounds as though he had a nice time. Who needs all the hullabaloo when a quieter event allows smaller games some air?

In today’s episode of Weekly, Chris takes us back there, to Gamescom, sharing what it was like on the show floor, as well as the games that caught his eye and the gossip he heard. It’s particularly entertaining to hear about his meeting with Callisto Protocol boss Glen Schofield, who seems to have left quite an impression – an impression Chris delightfully re-enacts.

We also dive into the big review of the week, Immortality, which Chris wrote. This is the new game from Her Story and Telling Lies developer Sam Barlow, so it arrives with anticipation. And it seems it dazzlingly lives up to it. And here we hear why.

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