The story of Games Workshop and Fighting Fantasy

Imagine getting a phone call from a guy called Gary Gygax in America and he’s reading a newsletter you wrote for a games business you’re running out of a messy flat in London, and he likes it so much he wants to send you a copy of a new game he’s working on called Dungeons & Dragons.

You end up loving the game and he likes what you’re about, so he grants you exclusive rights to introduce Dungeons & Dragons to the UK, and to Europe, and to sell it there for three years. You can only afford six copies but it doesn’t matter: you’ll soon be able to afford a lot more.

That’s not even the best story my guests have! They’ve done so much and created so much. That games business they were running? It was only Games Workshop, wasn’t it – a business that would change the face of tabletop gaming. But, not content with running only that, this pair would work well into their nights to create a series of game books called Fighting Fantasy, making themselves best-selling authors in the process. The series has sold more than 20 million copies today.

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