Reminder: Claim 19 Great PS4 Games Before They Leave PS Plus Tomorrow

As promised, here’s your reminder that tomorrow, on the 9th May 2023, 19 PS4 games will be removed from PS Plus. Or, more specifically, Sony will be dropping the PS Plus Collection.

In case you don’t know, the PS Plus Collection is a, er, collection of highly rated PS4 games, available to PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium subscribers on PS5. It was an initiative that Sony pushed ahead of the PS5’s launch in 2020, in a bid to sweeten the deal for early adopters of its current-gen console.

If you claim these PS Plus Collection games now, you can retain access to them as long as you’re a PS Plus subscriber — even after the Collection is removed. Again, you’ve got a week to make sure they’re all added to your library.

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