Post-Apocalyptic SRPG Miasma Chronicles Gets 17 Minutes of Alpha Gameplay

Miasma Chronicles, from developer The Bearded Ladies, is a turn-based tactical SRPG in the style of the studio’s previous title, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. Today we were treated to 17 minutes of pre-alpha gameplay. It still needs some polishing but already looks like a worthy successor to what came before.

In a world ravaged by a mysterious phenomenon known as the Miasma, you play as orphan Elvis and robotic “big brother” Diggs, trying to eke out an existence amongst the ruins of our modern world, now populated by mutant frog-men and other nightmarish horrors.

If Mutant Year Zero is anything to go by, expect a dark tale of discovery tempered with some great world-building and gallows humour. Also, plenty of tough tactical combat that will test even veterans of the XCOM franchise.

What do you think of Miasma Chronicles so far? Fire off a take with a 20% chance of it landing in the comments section below.

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