New PS5 Model Reportedly Lighter Than Ever

New PS5 Model
Image: Push Square

Japanese retailers are expecting Sony to release a new PS5 model in September, but it looks like the latest revision has already arrived in Australia. This is according to Australian site Press Start, in a report that says Sony has once again managed to reduce the console’s overall weight, supposedly through the inclusion of lighter internals.

The new disc-compatible PS5 (coded CFI-1202A) is apparently 600g lighter than the launch version, and a somewhat impressive 300 grams lighter than the updated model that launched in 2021. Meanwhile, the new digital only PS5 (coded CFI-1202B) is a similar story: 500g lighter than at launch, and 200g lighter than the 2021 edition. Interestingly, this means that the disc-drived PS5 now weighs the same as the original digital only model, which is a decent improvement.

Of course, with the recent confirmation that the PS5’s price is increasing, this news probably won’t mean much to potential buyers — not unless you’ve got a very specific shelf that can only hold a very specific amount of weight.

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