Game-Breaking Bug Detected in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, But a Fix Is En Route

A game-breaking bug has been identified in the recently released Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which can prevent players from completing the game under some admittedly fairly specific circumstances. Players can submit bug reports for the game over on EA’s forums, with a particularly nasty one popping up repeatedly, affecting scores of players across multiple platforms.

Apparently, dying whilst simultaneously defeating a specific late-game boss causes it, with the player becoming stuck in the boss’ arena (who is now invulnerable), unable to leave or progress, regardless of reloading the game.

We’ve kept things vague out of an abundance of caution for story spoilers, but you can check out one such bug report here. The great news is that EA is aware of the issue; a fix is on the way and should be out early next week if everything goes to plan.

Have you encountered this fairly specific game-breaking bug? What’s the worst bug you have encountered in any game? Bust out the bug spray in the comments section below.

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