Fresh Out of the Grave, Dead Island 2 Shambles Past 1 Million Copies Sold

Dead Island 2 emerged from its corporeal slumber barely three days ago, with the stank of the charnel house still upon it, and already the undead sequel has racked up a body count of more than 1 million copies sold. It looks like Dambuster Studios could have a bone-afide hit on its skeletal hands, coming to dominate UK sales charts through means of dark necromancy (sorry).

We really liked Dead Island 2, warts and all, as there really is just something so cathartic about defenestrating hapless zombies with fly kicks and variously bludgeoning and beheading them. It might sound psychotic, but we just can’t help but marvel as the FLESH system does its hypnotically gruesome work.

Did you pick up a copy? Try and correctly guess how many years it will take for the inevitable Dead Island 3 to come out in the comments section below.

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