Capcom’s Crazy Win Streak Continues as Publisher Confirms Record-High Profit

There’s simply no stopping Capcom. The Japanese publisher has just revealed its financial results for the fiscal year, and it’s basically doing the best it’s ever done. This is the company’s sixth consecutive year of record-high profit, which is crazy to think about. It’s gone from strength to strength to strength ever since landmark titles like Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil 7 revitalised its business.

But the success doesn’t stop there. Capcom’s also confirmed that it sold a record number of games over the last 12 months — a total of 41.7 million units. This is what happens when you keep pumping out bangers, we suppose.

Even if you don’t pay particular attention to the financial side of things, Capcom’s dominance has been clear for a while. One look at its release schedule over the last several years tells you all you need to know, with highly rated projects hitting one after another. Devil May Cry 5, the Resident Evil remakes, Monster Hunter Rise… The list goes on.

Last month, the publisher’s stock reached an all-time high off the back of Resident Evil 4 — and guess what? It’s now peaked even higher thanks to these financial results. Stock price has gone from its previous record of 4,865 yen to 5,270 yen. The momentum is real.

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