Are You Playing Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores?

Nope. They didnt even try and showcase it adequately in my opinion. For me personally it’s a huge red flag. And likely means it’s more of the same and possibly phoned in. From little clips I watched online it looks exactly the same visually, structurally, and so on.

I totally get those that think more of the same is great. Yet I assure you, there are others that found Forbidden west to lost its steam under generic long used open world tropes very quickly.

While the allure of fighting a Few New Machines is enticing, I’d rather put that 29 toward something new down the line that isn’t merely more of the same content just for the sake of more content.

There was just no hype, marketing, or attention really given to this release. I mean Twitter clips and a brief showcase of clouds?? Cmon now. Even great review scores may have made me pick it up, yet it seems they didn’t even have the confidence in this to give review codes in an adequate fashion.

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