Are You Happy with Your PS Plus Essential Games for May 2023?

@KundaliniRising333 to be fair, I only picked up Origins and Odyssey because they were dirt cheap, and that’s what got me in to their games having only played a few ever anyway, so no embedded lethargy with them. I don’t think I’d play more than one or two a year still

RR I have not really noticed microtransactions, as it’s mostly cosmetic, there is a game mode that is locked (BMX tricks) so that’s a bit sucky as the BMX actually feels quite unique (so I guess that’s why it’s locked, it probably took extra development) but as far as snow and downhill and bike tricks events, all is free. You unlock some random cosmetic stuff anyway, and I see no reason to actually spend for cosmetics even if there were none unlocked for free, I just don’t get why people bother, but yeah, it’s good casual short term fun. Not played any this week, but I might get back on from time to time.

Also, the way they handle the world and live lobby feel is cool, the world feels really full of people, even if sometimes it’s just ghosts from previous runs, not always genuine live players in the moment. It adds to the feel of the multiplayer world though.

I think there was a kind of story of events building too, but as I ignored most of the dialogue, I just do whatever I feel like at the time, and have no idea if it is progressing any extra stuff they keep shouting at me about.

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